Saturday, May 1, 2010

Your only as good as your last sketch

I remember one of my teachers at the Academy of Art University told me this saying and it really made an impression in me. In about 2 weeks I'm going to start Art Center at night. Its a public program offered by Art Center. Its a 14 week program and its based in the Mazda Design Studio in Irvine California. So for the next 3 months, I will be driving an hour and a half each way to Irvine from Chula Vista. I think its safe to point out that I did not get accepted to Art Center of Design. They told me that I had superb 3d modeling abilities but my sketching wasn't up to par. They did say I barely missed that mark and that taking these classes at Mazda would probably get me over that hurdle. here is an example of one of my portfolio pieces so you can get a general idea at what level you need to be to not get accepted, :), Ill post my progress as I take the program.

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