Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good news everyone!

You read that in the professors voice didn't you. Well I am glad to say that I actually have a job as a 3d sculptor. I am currently employed by UNDERGROUND, I have a contract where I work at Fisker Automotive. It's really exciting for me and honestly modeling Class A surfacing is so much more complicated than doing design models, it feels like like a jumped from an intro class to a thesis class. I probably won't be able to post too much up here so sorry about that. I just want to remind everyone that is reading this that I did it without a college degree and no prior work experience (in a related field that is). All that really got me this job was my own will to teach myself and improve my abilities. Never give up and keep trying to find different solution to the same problem. I might eventually go back to school, but right now the next couple years I'm going to try to learn as much as I can and contribute as much as I can to Fisker. Thanks again for all the views and email me anytime you have questions. I'm always available to help someone out. Take care and once I have some free time, I'll try to add more content

Friday, December 10, 2010

How to model Gears and Chains

How to model gears and chains

This is a tutorial on how to model gears and chains,  I made it for a fixie bike I am currently working on. But you can use this method to model things like tank tracks, snowmobile tracks, any other type of gear as well. It's fairly advanced, so I skip certain modeling steps, but if you need help send me an email at, I'll be happy to help a fellow modeler.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Modelling and Rendering Lights in Alias and Bunkspeed

This tutorial is on how to model and render lights for Alias and Bunkspeed Hypershot. It covers ever step from the model in Alias Studio, the HDR image in Photoshop, to rendering set up in Hypershot.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Books all Designers Should Have

Here are just some of the books i always have in hand. I highly recommend  them, I've bought hundreds of books but these are the ones that I always have close by.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My 3d Models

Here is a couple of examples of my 3d work. If you want to see my full portfolio, go to, I posted some more after the jump

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Modelling a wheel with a tread pattern in Alias Studio

 This is a tutorial on how to model a real tread patter as opposed to just using textures to achieve the desired affect... so just click on the link to learn more

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Your only as good as your last sketch

I remember one of my teachers at the Academy of Art University told me this saying and it really made an impression in me. In about 2 weeks I'm going to start Art Center at night. Its a public program offered by Art Center. Its a 14 week program and its based in the Mazda Design Studio in Irvine California. So for the next 3 months, I will be driving an hour and a half each way to Irvine from Chula Vista. I think its safe to point out that I did not get accepted to Art Center of Design. They told me that I had superb 3d modeling abilities but my sketching wasn't up to par. They did say I barely missed that mark and that taking these classes at Mazda would probably get me over that hurdle. here is an example of one of my portfolio pieces so you can get a general idea at what level you need to be to not get accepted, :), Ill post my progress as I take the program.